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Current Issue, Volume 69, 2019


Leadership Development Program Evaluation: A social network analysis approach

Kevan W. Lamm, University of Georgia
Hannah S. Carter, University of Florida


A Qualitative Analysis of the Challenges and Threats facing Cooperative Extension at the County Level

Lendel Kade Narine, University of Florida
Amy Harder, University of Florida
Priscilla Zelaya, P4H Global


Motivational Factors that Influenced Learner Participation in Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs

Eric D. Rubenstein, University of Georgia
Andrew C. Thoron, University of Florida


Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: A Phenomenological Inquiry to Understand Ugandan Farmers’ Experiences Using Fertilizers

Chandler Mulvaney, UF/IFAS Extension Marion County, FL
Kathleen D. Kelsey, University of Georgia
Nicholas E. Furhman, University of Georgia
Ronald Lemo, International Fertilizer Development Center, Uganda


Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies Needed by Students with Training in Agricultural and Environmental Practices as Perceived by Local Leaders: A Delphi Study

Sarah Sapp, Perry, FL
Andrew C. Thoron, University of Florida
Eric D. Rubenstein, University of Georgia


Recruiting Minority Students into Secondary School Agriculture Education Programs: Barriers, Challenges, and Alternatives

K. S. U. Jayaratne, North Carolina State University
Travis Park, North Carolina State University
Jason Davis, North Carolina State University




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